shadow's cd list

this is a collection of manufactured full length cd's only. it does not include box sets, burned cd's, singles or bootlegs. it also does not include tapes, vinyl or other media. as you can see, i have quite an addiction to music and my tastes varies to extremes.

updated 09-15-01 | last count: 265

afi -- answer this and stay fashionable
afi -- very proud of ya
adrian alexis -- grave new world
adrian alexis -- random cuts
alice in chains -- sap
alice in chains -- dirt
alice in chains -- jar of flies
alice in chains -- tripod
alice in chains -- unplugged
tori amos -- little earthquakes
tori amos -- crucify
tori amos -- under the pink
tori amos -- boys for pele
tori amos -- from the choirgirl hotel
tori amos -- to venus and back
asphalt ballet -- pigs
babes in toyland -- to mother
bauhaus -- 1979:1983 volume one
the beatles -- the white album
better than ezra -- friction, baby
david bowie -- outside
big black -- pigpile
big dumb face -- duke lion fights the terror
bjork -- post
bjork -- telegram
bjork -- vespertine
black sabbath -- we sold our soul for rock 'n' roll
blink 182 -- dude ranch
blue oyster cult -- workshop of the telescopes
bon jovi -- new jersey
bush -- razorblade suitcase
bush -- the science of things
jerry cantrell -- boggy depot
johnny cash -- super hits
nick cave and the bad seeds -- from her to eternity
nick cave and the bad seeds -- let love in
nick cave and the bad seeds -- the boatman's call
nick cave and the bad seeds -- the best of...
coal chamber -- coal chamber
cocteau twins -- head over heels
cocteau twins -- treasure
cold -- cold
cold -- 13 ways to bleed onstage
concrete blonde -- bloodletting
corrosion of conformity -- blind
corrosion of conformity -- deliverance
corrosion of conformity -- america's volume dealer
corrosion of conformity -- live volume
counting crows -- august and everything after
counting crows -- recovering the satellites
counting crows -- across a wire
counting crows -- this desert life
cradle of filth -- cruelty and the beast
cradle of filth -- dusk and her embrace
cradle of filth -- from the cradle to enslave e.p.
cradle of filth -- midian
cradle of filth -- bitter suites to succubi
the cramps -- flamejob
the cramps -- big beat from badsville
creedence clearwater revival -- the concert
crisalida -- dim e.p.
the cure -- seventeen seconds
the cure -- faith
the cure -- pornography
the cure -- the head on the door
the cure -- staring at the sea: the singles
the cure -- kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
the cure -- disentegration
the cure -- wish
the cure -- show
the cure -- paris
the cure -- wild mood swings
the cure -- bloodflowers
dead can dance -- within the realm of a dying sun
the deadlights -- the deadlights
def leppard -- hysteria
deftones -- live
depeche mode -- the singles 81>85
depeche mode -- the singles 86>98
dido -- no angel
die krupps -- the final remixes
die krupps -- odyssey of the mind
ani difranco -- revelling/reckoning
dimmu borgir -- godless savage garden
the doors -- greatest hits
duran duran -- greatest
the eels -- beautiful freak
the eels -- electro-shock blues
the eels -- daisies of the galaxy
enigma -- the cross of changes
eurythmics -- greatest hits
eve 6 -- eve 6
eve 6 -- horrorscope
everclear -- sparkle and fade
everclear -- so much for the afterglow
failure -- fantastic planet
filter -- short bus
the frogs -- starjob
front 242 -- official version
garbage -- garbage
garbage -- version 2.0
gin blossoms -- new miserable experience
god lives underwater -- god lives underwater
god lives underwater -- empty
god lives underwater -- life in the so-called space age
godsmack -- godsmack
godflesh -- selfless
gorillaz -- gorillaz
green day-- dookie
guns and roses -- appetite for destruction
guns and roses -- use your illusion I
guns and roses -- live era: '87 to 93'
hijos de cain -- cristales rojos
jellyfish -- bellybutton
jellyfish -- spilt milk
joy division -- closer
joy division -- permanent: the best of joy division
judas priest -- metal works '73 to '93
kiss -- alive!
kiss -- destroyer
kiss -- double platinum
k's choice -- the great subconscious club
k's choice -- paradise in me
k's choice -- cocoon crash
korn -- korn
marilyn manson -- portrait of an american family
marilyn manson -- smells like children
marilyn manson -- antichrist superstar
marilyn manson -- remix and repent
marilyn manson -- mechanical animals
marilyn manson -- the last tour on earth
marilyn manson -- holy wood: in the shadow of the valley of death
megadeth -- countdown to extinction
megadeth -- cryptic writings
metallica -- kill 'em all
metallica -- ride the lightning
metallica -- master of puppets
metallica -- the black album
metallica -- load
metallica -- reload
metallica -- garage inc
metallica -- s&m
ministry -- the land of rape and honey
ministry -- twitch
ministry -- psalm 69
motorhead -- ace of spades
mr. bungle -- disco volante
mr. bungle -- california
peter murphy -- holy smoke
peter murphy -- cascade
muse -- showbiz
my bloody valentine -- loveless
nine inch nails -- pretty hate machine
nine inch nails -- broken
nine inch nails -- the downward spiral
nine inch nails -- further down the spiral
nine inch nails -- the fragile
nine inch nails -- things falling apart
nirvana -- nevermind
nirvana -- incesticide
nirvana -- in utero
nitzer ebb -- ebbhead
no doubt -- tragic kingdom
no doubt -- return of saturn
gary numan -- exhibition
the offspring -- ignition
the offspring -- ixnay on the hombre
the offspring -- americana
the offspring -- conspiracy of one
orgy -- candyass
our lady peace -- clumsy
our lady peace -- not a fish that you can catch
ozzy osbourne -- tribute
ozzy osbourne -- the ozzman cometh
pantera -- cowboy from hell
pantera -- vulgar display of power
pantera -- far beyond driven
pantera -- the great southern trendkill
pantera -- official live: 101 proof
pantera -- reinventing the steel
pariah -- to mock a killingbird
pearl jam -- vs.
pearl jam -- vitalogy
pearl jam -- no code
a perfect circle -- mer de noms
pink floyd -- umma gumma
pink floyd -- dark side of the moon
pink floyd -- wish you were here
pink floyd -- the wall
pink floyd -- the final cut
the pixies -- surfer rosa
the pixies -- doolittle
the pixies -- bossanova
the pixies -- trompe le monde
the pixies -- death to the pixies
the pixies -- live at the bbc
the pixies -- the complete b-sides
placebo -- without you i'm nothing
placebo -- black market music
powerman 5000 -- tonight the stars revolt!
the presidents of the united states of america -- the presidents of the united states of america
the presidents of the united states of america -- II
queens of the stone age -- [R]
radiohead -- pablo honey
radiohead -- the bends
radiohead -- ok computer
radiohead -- kid a
radiohead -- amnesiac
the ramones -- ramones mania
rasputina -- how we quit the forest
Rx -- bedside toxicology
schizo phrenia -- the scream
self -- subliminal plastic motives
self -- breakfast with girls
siouxsie and the banshees -- juju
siouxsie and the banshees -- once upon a time/the singles
siouxsie and the banshees -- a kiss in the dream house
siouxsie and the banshees -- peepshow
siouxsie and the banshees -- superstition
siouxsie and the banshees -- twice upon a time/the singles
siouxsie and the banshees -- the rapture
the sisters of mercy -- floodland
skinlab -- disembody: the new flash
skinny puppy -- VIVIsect VI
skinny puppy -- too dark park
skinny puppy -- last rights
skinny puppy -- the process
skinny puppy -- brap
slipknot -- slipknot
slipknot -- iowa
smashing pumpkins -- gish
smashing pumpkins -- lull
smashing pumpkins -- siamese dream
smashing pumpkins -- pisces iscariot
smashing pumpkins -- mellon collie and the infinite sadness
smashing pumpkins -- adore
smashing pumpkins -- machina/the machines of god
snake river conspiracy -- sonic jihad
soundgarden -- a sides
stabbing westward -- ungod
stabbing westward -- wither blister burn + peel
stabbing westward -- darkest days
static x -- machine
stone temple pilots -- core
stone temple pilots -- purple
stone temple pilots -- tiny music
stone temple pilots -- No. 4
stone temple pilots -- shangri la dee da
system of a down -- system of a down
system of a down -- toxicity
this mortal coil -- it'll end in tears
toadies -- hell below stars above
tool -- aenima
tool -- lateralus
stevie ray vaughan and double trouble -- greatest hits
voodoo sex stuff -- voodoo sex stuff
scott weiland -- 12 bar blues
white zombie -- la sexorcisto: devil music volume one
white zombie -- astrocreep 2000
rob zombie -- hellbilly deluxe
rob zombie -- american made music to strip by
tom waits -- beautiful maladies
tom waits -- mule variations
white town -- women in technology