I started this blog primarily to keep track of interesting media I find all across the interwebs. Then I realized that other people might be interested, as well. Occasionally I provide interesting insight and commentary on topics that interest me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Update

Hi, I haven’t posted anything here in awhile because this blog used to be hosted from Blogger and they announced a few months ago that they would be discontinuing support for ftp hosted blogs come May. Lately I’ve been knee deep in recording and life’s other calamities and so put off migrating the blog. I believe it’s finally done and I’ve set it up to be very similar in look and feel to the Blogger theme I was using. So if you had subscribed to my blog previously via RSS, you will have to do so again. If you have no idea what RSS is or how to use an RSS reader, well, I plan to post on that someday but you should check it out and get with the times.

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