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Friday, June 25, 2010

Shadow’s extremely abbreviated iPhone 4 review.

Things I really like about the new iPhone 4:

  • The display: It’s beautiful. Don’t worry, iPhone haters, your preferred mobile device will have this display within a year. But words can’t quantify just how amazing this display is.
  • The camera: The led flash is pretty bright and you can have it stay on when shooting video. I was using this earlier today to get a clear shot of part of my car engine that other parts were blocking. The tap-focus thing helped with that one.
  • The battery: I did all sorts of crazy stuff today while putting it through its paces and could not kill the battery. I know I could by doing things outside of normal use like leave the video on constantly but it’s good to know that through typical use I’m not gonna have to charge more than once a day.

Things I don’t like about the new iPhone 4:

  • The fact that Facetime is wi-fi and iPhone 4-compatible only: While working on my car, I really wished I could’ve used Facetime to call my Uncle and show him what I was troubleshooting in the electrical system so he could give me advice and confirm if I was testing the electrical components correctly.
  • The antenna problem: So I’m left-handed and apparently there is a big deal being made about holding the phone a certain way and bridging the two antennas may cause reception issues and it seems to be mostly problematic for lefties. Goddammit! I mean, I was going to buy a bumper or a case anyway but it really irks me when sinister people like me get overlooked.
  • The display: It’s made me realize just how inferior every other lcd display I look at on a daily basis is now. Tomorrow I am going to be at work but not be able to work because I will be consumed by the fact that I’m staring at a bunch of fucking pixels.
  • The size: I thought the iPhone 3G and 3GS were the perfect size and this thing is significantly smaller. If iPhones were sandwiches, this would be one with the crusts cut off. My Nintendo DS lite always bothered me because my hands would cramp up after using it for extended periods of time, it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 4 will present the same problem but I worry.
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